We are experts in creating impactful infomercial campaigns that improve your bottom line. We help you develop a plan that incorporate the critical sales elements that ensure direct response success! We will work with you to place your product on shopping shows and with retail distribution nationally and internationally. Our team has produced some of the most successful infomercial campaigns in the industry and have generated billions of dollars in sales for our clients since 1986. Quality production and best-of-class project management means you’ll have “INFOMERCIALS THAT WORK”!

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“I can’t imagine doing this (Marketing Campaigns) without him [Bill-The Barry Marketing Group]. We’re a really good collaborative team—from writing to producing, to rollout to backend, etc.”
Art Wing, Owner/Chairman Wing Enterprises (Little Giant Ladders)
You won’t find a group more knowledgeable about successful direct response campaigns. Over the years we have worked with Mr. Kittel primarily on domestic long form infomercials, however the group is also very knowledgeable about digital and international sales. They also bring a lot to the table on manufacturing and supply chain.
Tim Wall, President/CEO, Rug Doctor LLC
Bill Kittel, Art Wing and the entire team at were such an instrumental part in helping us launch our B2C business at CarMD. They helped us take our product from just under $1M in total revenue to over $18M in just three years. They were very easy to work with and really helped us refine and focus our product marketing to reach our target audience. They wrote, designed and produced our DRTV infomercial, which really put CarMD on the map.
Art Jacobsen, Vice President. CarMD
Art and Bill have been very instrumental in helping our company become focused on our strategic advantage, target markets and to make important business decisions, which were critical to our success. LockNClimb has grown from a start-up to generating over two million dollars in annual revenue in just three years. Thanks guys!
Jeffery A. Green , President / CEO - LockNClimb, LLC

Why choose an infomercial?

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In order to understand well, let us first be familiar with what is infomercial?

Infomercial from the prefix word Info, means information and mercial, means commercial. Infomercial is also referred to as paid programming or direct […]


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SALT LAKE CITY, UT. December 2, 2014 – The Barry Marketing Group (our production division) has been nominated to the Salt Lake City Business Hall of Fame for Television and Film Production.

“We […]

Five Infomercial Production Awards In a Row!

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There is no doubt (as I stated in my recent interview with Sinead Carew of Reuters news service) that television infomercial “pitchman” Billy Mays, who recently passed away, was an enthusiastic, and very effective “pitchman”. […]

FTC, POM Wonderful Battle Continues

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Actual ruling available upon request -Bill


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a final opinion and order affirming in large part the previous ruling by an administrative law judge after trial, that POM Wonderful LLC and […]

DRIVING SALES AND DISTRIBUTION! Direct, Retail, International

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“I can’t imagine doing this (Marketing Campaigns) without him . We’re a really good collaborative team—from writing to producing, to rollout to backend, etc.”
-Art Wing, Owner/Chairman Wing Enterprises (Little Giant Ladders)
“You won’t find […]

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Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo may not be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of ladders. Yet, this very call provided the breakthrough that Hal Wing needed to sell his Little Giant Ladder. […]


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“Over the years, we have been involved in so many award-winning and record breaking direct response campaigns, that we are continually asked to “fix” existing shows – many from major Direct Response production companies,” said […]

“The Locator” Signs-On with Infomercial Consulting

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Salt Lake City, Utah – – – Troy Dunn, star of the hit Television series, The Locator, has just signed a representation agreement with Bill Kittel who also consults on infomercials and direct response marketing […]